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Your first step to selling on Google.
Start your journey with Google Channel.


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Show your products to billions of
Google users and potential customers

Connect to Google Channel and display your products
across various Google services regardless of your budget.


Start your business with Google Channel

  • Manage Google services all in one place

    Google Channel is an integrated service that allows you to manage sales-related Google services through your Cafe24 admin page.

  • Market products regardless of your budget

    Create marketing campaigns that fit your budget. From free product listings to paid advertisements, Google Channel provides numerous ways for you to promote your products.

  • Continuously updated features

    Be the first to try out Google's various services and features, and improve your store’s sales and operations, all through Google Channel.

Features on Google Channel

Automatically generated feed

Your product feed is set up according to Google’s product data specifications, allowing you to manage your product feed more efficiently.

List products for free

Display approved products on Google Search, Images, and Shopping, all for free.

Performance Max campaigns

Promote your products on Google by launching effective Google ads and increase your conversion rate.

Conversion tracking tags

Monitor your ad performance by tracking user actions like "AddToCart" and "Purchase" when users visit your website through Google Ads.

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