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Market everywhere

Learn about Cafe24’s various marketing tools
and how to market your store effectively.


Get the marketing basics down with Cafe24

Start promoting your products worldwide and increase your sales.

Connect to social media platforms to run various marketing campaigns and analyze consumer behavior patterns.


Market your store and products with Cafe24

  • Run ad campaigns on social media platforms

    Manage your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns with Facebook Channel.

  • Optimize your store for search engines

    Configure your settings to increase your store’s visibility on search engines.

  • Analyze customer data for market trends

    Analyze your store data to better understand the needs of your customers.

Social media marketing

Powerful marketing
made easy

Expand your customer base by promoting your store
on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Get to the top
of search results

Increase your products’ visibility by optimizing
your store’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings.

Promotions & events

Everyone loves
a good deal

Great marketing begins with customer experience.
Create various promotions and events to convert passing visitors into loyal customers.

Data analysis

Analyze your data
for the full picture

Not sure which products will sell best or who will buy them?
Improve your sales hit rate with in-depth data analysis.

Start selling for free with Cafe24